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Lesa Lewis

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Luscious Fantasycalves

Jen Rish - fantastic calves

Kelly D.

Hot Leggs Holly

Oana Hreapca

Desiree Elis

Brenda Smith

Africa - Scissorqueen

Rosemary Jennings,

Birth date: April 5, 1963
Occupation: executive admin
Height: 5 ft 2 inches
Competition Weight: 140lbs
Weight (Off season): 170lbs
Biceps: 16 .5 inches
Chest: 42 inches
Waist: 30 inches
Quads: 30 inches
Calves: 17 inches
Hobbies: traveling, cooking, reading books of the mind, body building, dancing
Goals: To be the best at whatever I put my mind to doing.
Favorite/Least Favorite Exercises: I love all exercises
Favorite Body Part: I am created equal. I love them all.
Started Training: I started 1990, to stay fit and lean. At first I started out with aerobics, then I hit the weight room and the rest is history.









Tina Zampa

Jolaine Undershute

Laurie Fierstein

Sheila Bleck

Sheila Brown

Renee O'Neil

Johanna Dejager

Colleen Ritchie Brock - Great biceps!

Theresa O'brien